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  • Valerio Bonfigli 11-12-22 Formentera, passed away a week ago.

  • Suzanne Powell, passed away a year ago today.

  • Julian García Flores, it's your birthday today.

  • Cosme by Juan Napoleon, Yeyo, Carla Revuelta, Santi Trancho, Mario Biondo, Javier Galan

Julian García Flores

All of them deceased friends and colleagues. All of us are also going to DIE, but we don't know when, there may be a lot left or, on the contrary, very little, and we tend to believe that there is a long time left for that date.

We also tend to think that our loved ones will always be by our side, we make plans for the future, distant dreams... It's okay, but what about now? What are you going to do now? What are you going to do today?

Life is a gift, do not stay with the desire to do something and above all, although it is always said, express what you feel.

Fortunately I was able to tell Valerio days before everything I loved him, but I was about to lose that opportunity, I hope it doesn't happen to you, we have time to tell our loved ones how much we love them

Carla Revuelta

Life is a gift, but it doesn't last forever. Don't postpone what makes you happy, overcome your fears and go after them.

And above all...


Suzanne Powel

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