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Martha Juliet


Rome Italy

"I tried this Reiki massage in Ibiza and it was amazing.
Thanks see you soon"

Martha Juliet

maria robles.jpg

Mary Robles

Barcelona, Spain

"Totally recommended! The atmosphere is very calm and bright, you feel at home. Reiki Master in two different disciplines, the sessions are great, she also gives you a lot of information about each therapy and solves all the doubts you have!"

Martha Juliet


Lucian Voicu

Bucharest, Romania

"In just 30 minutes the therapy session changed my condition  for the better in Sri Lanka.

Esther is an excellent therapist. I have felt this since she touched me.




Although this practice of channeling energy is more than 3,000 years old, it was almost forgotten until it was rescued in 1920 by Dr. Usui, a Japanese monk and professor who is considered the first Reiki master.


Reiki can help in a wide range of situations as it does not address the symptom directly, but instead helps restore balance so that you feel better and your system can improve.

  • Relaxation

  • Pain treatment

  • anxiety reduction

  • reduction of depression

  • sleep improvement

  • Improves digestion

  • improve well-being

  • Boosts self-esteem

  • Accelerated Surgical Recovery

  • Reduced side effects of radiation, chemotherapy, and medications


Reiki in Hospitals

Reiki is not only compatible with any medical treatment, but also acts as a complement, since in no case is it recommended to suspend any medication to replace it with this technique. In addition, it is recognized as an alternative therapy by the World Health Organization (WHO). In fact, in the United States and the United Kingdom it is already used in more than 1,000 hospital centers and is included in the Public Health System. In the state of New York, even emergency services are trained to give Reiki. Apart from the USA and England, it is very widespread in Europe and Japan, being introduced in Spain a few years ago. In some hospitals it is used to relieve the pain of cancer patients, help them overcome the side effects of drugs, chemotherapy treatments and anesthesia.

      Hospitals of the world where it is applied

  • Hospital Mataró (Barcelona) Program with 3,000 patients by the Fundación Salut

  • Hospital 12 de Octubre (Madrid) Training of health personnel by Fundación Sauce.

  • Hospital Ramón y Cajal (Madrid) Therapies and clinical studies in oncology.

  • Anderson Clinic (Houston USA) Therapists on staff.

  • Middlesex Hospital (United Kingdom) Therapists on staff.

  • Continuum Group (7 hospitals in NY serving 15,000 patients) Therapists on staff.

  • Hartford Hospital (New England, USA) Therapists on staff and 7 years of studies on the effect of Reiki on their patients

How is the session


During the session you lie fully clothed on a table, in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, while the therapist gently places his hands on your body, starting with your head and ending with your feet.

The treatment lasts 60 minutes. The sessions are accompanied by music therapy. A minimum of 4 consecutive weekly sessions is recommended

Reiki Studies

Dr. Mehmet Oz, a cardiovascular surgeon at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York, collaborated with a Reiki practitioner named Julie Motz during 11 open heart operations and heart transplants.

Their conclusions were that none of the 11 patients treated with Reiki suffered from the usual postoperative effects such as depression, pain or weakness in the legs, and none of those who received a transplant rejected the new organ.

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5-year study on the effect of Reiki on laboratory rats with cancer

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