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What  is Foot Reflexology?

How does foot reflexology work?  It is based on the fact that the different parts of the body are reflected in the soles of the feet and that, therefore, by massaging said parts, the organs, muscles or other parts of the body that need treatment are massaged reflexively, but effectively. , stimulating the self-healing mechanisms of the body itself.

This technique makes it possible to act on a specific symptom or relieve pain, but also to regulate, in depth: the function of a diseased organ




Going back to ancient times, in ancient China 4000 years ago, it was observed that massage not only influenced the part of the body where it was applied, but also had a reflex influence on very distant body areas and organs. This observation was the basis for the birth of a new manual therapy, Reflexology.

As early as the 16th century, there is evidence of reports of the treatment of internal organs by massage and other reflex massage methods.

A report on the Florentine sculptor  Benvenuto Cellini  (1500-1571), indicates that he treated states of acute pain by pressing on the toes.

However, scientifically based foot reflexology was born in the 19th century.

Several centuries later, in 1917, in the United States, William H. Fitzgerald, who is frequently mentioned as the father of reflexology,  he wrote about ten vertical zones that extended the length of the body.  Fitzgerald found that applying pressure to an area corresponding to the location of an injury could provide pain relief during minor surgeries.



Foot Reflexology can help in a wide range of situations as it does not address the symptom or condition directly, but instead helps restore balance so you feel better and your system can heal better.

  • Improves body circulation

  • Reduce stress.

  • It stimulates the energy of the organism in order to avoid new imbalances.

  • Allows the release of toxins.

  • Balance the different systems.

  • Act preventively.

  • It's relaxing.

Pareja Meditando
La terapia de reflexología

how is the session

It is done with clothes on and bare feet. The session usually lasts approximately 30 minutes. The sessions are accompanied by Music Therapy, Reiki, and Essential Oils 

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