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Change your Frequency


Change your Frequency

Tumbado en la hierba

Do you feel stress in your daily life? Are you stuck in your routine and need to disconnect?  This event offers you a total disconnection.

Calm, relaxation, nature... For two hours I will perform different techniques; Meditation, Reiki, Reflexology, Tibetan Bowl... You don't need to have any knowledge about it, you just want to relax for a few hours.  At the end we will calmly share doubts and impressions while enjoying a picnic.

The event takes place on a private farm in the mountains  from Madrid near Zarzalejo.  We will be maximum 7 people . For more information, contact us.

Change your Frequency

In today's society the  children  is it so  overstimulated and constantly in action.
The continuous action makes
  your tolerance levels  be lower, may their patience be reduced and  your anxiety levels rise.  The boy becomes impatient. have time slots  where there is nothing to do is necessary for the mind to start moving towards what  creative.  

With this event we try to reduce the activity of the children and that they get during  2 hours relax and enjoy in this quiet environment.

For more information, contact us.




Susana Espelleta

"Today has been an incredible day, what we have shared, a gift for the soul.  @sei.jaku  I really wanted to go receive your magic....I still feel the energy...."

Martha Juliet

Captura de pantalla 2020-11-06 a las 21.

"The mostsss💛 you enter in peace and connection as soon as you set foot there....totally recommended💎🔝"

Martha Juliet


isa diaz

"Thanks a lot for everything, @sei.jaku  . It has been a wonderful experience. What a past. Thank you Esther"

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