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Clase de meditación

Usui Reiki 1

  20  March  | Ibiza

          27  March  |  Valencia

          10  April  |  Ubeda

Get started on this legendary Japanese 🙌🏼 technique 🏯 and restore balance 🧘🏻 to your body.  

They are simple Reiki courses 💜 practical and available to anyone.

Usui Reiki or Kundalini Reiki
Level I - Level II - Level II

photo_2023-04-03 14.06.34.jpeg

               18  March  |  Formentera

23  March  |  Ibiza

     25  March  |  Ibiza    

           9 April  |  Ubeda


Meeting in which through different techniques  💆🏻‍♀️ we calm our mind by reducing the frequency of our brain waves 🧠 we increase our vital energy 🙌🏾 and we change our frequency towards a state of harmony 💜  and balance 🧘🏻.

Temporary initiation or reinforcement of your capacity, Reiki Kundalini in group 🙌🏼  Individual energy cleaning...

Mano colorea Mandala.jpg

       March  | Ibiza

      22 March  |  Madrid

         28 March  |  Valencia

      29 March  |  Madrid

           9 April  |  Ubeda

                   23 April  |  Formentera

     24 April  |  Ibiza


Stress, insecurity, depression, anxiety, low energy...

Personalized therapy combining multiple holistic techniques to

improve your physical, mental and emotional state

Duration 90 minutes

"Take the first step to improve your current state"



Learn this powerful and simple technique.

This technique helps release the blocked emotions we acquired in our gestation period 🤰 and we don't even remember.

living a fuller and freer life


Coming soon  |  Madrid

The main objective of this degree is the purification of oneself, the increase of the spiritual level since you will receive the famous master symbol that works mainly in the crown chakra. You will receive advanced techniques as a therapist and you will be able to help other people in a professional and profound way with techniques such as "energy surgery" or Reiju.

The manual will be delivered and at the end of the class the accrediting diploma will be delivered.



Individual sessions.

In a simple and personalized way, you will improve your skills to calm your mind.

At your own pace, with your own schedules...


25January   |  Madrid


Stress, insecurity, depression, anxiety, low energy...

Personalized therapy combining multiple holistic techniques for

improve your physical condition, mental and emotional

Duration 90 minutes

"Take the first step to improve your current state"



Free technique that is part of Zen teaching.

Tuning of the nervous system.

Helps free us from possible energy blockages.

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