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What  is the Metamorphic Technique?

The Metamorphic Technique is a therapy created by Robert St. John from the reflexology technique at the end of the 20th century.

According to the metamorphic massage, all the information of our being is registered from the gestation of the pregnancy in our Prenatal Pattern, which goes from the head to the base of the spine. This information is extended and is reflected in our extremities such as the feet, the hands and the head and it is those points that we work to eliminate the blockages that are affecting our lives.

The metamorphic technique helps to release those blocked emotions that we acquired in that period and we don't even remember.

In short, this technique invites us to let go of all that weight we have acquired and to live a fuller and freer life.

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Gestation period

Mujer embarazada

The nine months of development within the womb will decisively influence the physical and emotional base of the person. Any upset, poor diet or illness of the mother will be impregnated in the fetus. At this moment the foundations of the person are created that will serve as the basis for the rest of his life.

When the embryo is in the process of formation, it is very susceptible to any change that occurs in its little universe. Through the mother the child feeds and breathes, also the thoughts and feelings that she has will reach the fetus.

During our prenatal stage, the various emotions are created along with our organs, giving way to the psychosomatic processes that this massage seeks to balance with each other, breaking the possible blockages that have formed and that are repeated cyclically throughout our lives.

In the gestation period of the person are the foundations of our entire life. Healing this period we will be able to develop our maximum potential. And life will do the rest...


The greatest benefit of the Metamorphic Technique is the transformation of the individual.

  • The patient will gradually develop their full potential, whatever it may be.

  • The patient can solve repetitive problems in his life.

  • The individual recovers the vital force.

  • Blockages are usually removed and self-healing occurs.

  • In short, this technique invites us to let go of all that weight we have acquired and to live a fuller and freer life.

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It is beneficial in processes of:

  • Stress, anxiety, fears.

  • Prepartum, postpartum.

  • Low self-esteem, depression.

  • Personal growth and development.

  • Indicated for anyone who wants to make changes that can increase their quality of life.

how is the session

The Metamorphic massage is a very gentle massage that is performed on the feet, hands and head. It is done with clothes on and bare feet. With the massage, mental and emotional tension is released and relieved, which induces physical relaxation. The session usually lasts approximately 50 minutes. The sessions are accompanied by Music Therapy, Kundalini Reiki and essential oils.

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