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After the storm, the sun always comes out.

After hearing the month of September things like:

"Your bones are so fragile due to illness that they can break at any moment"

"The vertebra is entering the marrow and at any moment you can become paralyzed"

"It is so widespread in the body that the option of operating is no longer useful"

Two and a half months ago I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 5 areas of my body, including the entire spine with three fractured vertebrae. And as one can imagine, my month of September has been a nightmare.

Today everything has been reduced to more than half, everything is smaller. The hope of the oncologists was to stabilize it or stop it and that it would not grow any more. But it has been better than that, in just 2 months everything has decreased in size by more than half and some part has disappeared. Two and a half months of cancer treatment and countless complementary treatments.

On the one hand, as an instructor and therapist of complementary techniques for 12 years, I have treated cancer patients and I have been able to see how the side effects of the treatments were significantly reduced. What's more, I started training in these types of techniques when my mother was detected with breast cancer, to help her with the side effects of radiotherapy.

I have practiced all the techniques I know on myself. I have read all the books that have come to me related to the subject, I have taken high doses of supplements, natural remedies from different countries, salt baths, sound baths, gong, 7 months of Biodecoding from Mexico to understand the emotional origin of the disease. Akashic Records to understand the why and for what of the disease. Family constellations to relocate my lineage. Ancestral medicines from the Amazon to detoxify. Intermittent fasting. intravenous vitamins. Psychological astrology with @robertmartinezastro to understand what I need right now. Acupuncture, foot reflexology, quantum medicine, Reiki, Zen Touch, nutrition, sacred geometry, meditation, yoga...

I have walked again unlocking my hip, consulting different osteopaths and looking for specific techniques and movements on the Internet and being consistent moving my body.

I can’t say exactly what has worked but I believe it has been a combination of everything.

Hope is the last thing that can be lost. And speaking of Metastasis, it is very difficult to maintain optimism and hope. In the media, most of the references that we receive are from people who have not been able to overcome the metastasis and each piece of news sinks your hope a little more and you think, if they were like me and died, then what about me? Do you expect the same? I thought I was losing my mind when I told myself that this was a matter of a few months...

But I think it's important that someone talks to you about hope, that you know that overcoming it is also a real option, that it can really happen.

In my role as a therapist, I will continue to support and accompany people who are going through similar situations, so that they do not give up, that they do not sink, there are many things that can be done to improve the quality of life... and it is not a false optimism , is a reality and the mind has a lot to do in these cases. A state of depression or stress lowers the immune system, which is why attitude is so important and so difficult in these cases. It has cost me. September was a real nightmare, but now it's November and I'm seeing the light again.

Thanks to all of you who are helping me in different ways, there are so many of you and I feel very loved and lucky.


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