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Sesión de fotos realizada por el fotógrafo americano 📷@Joelcarrillet para su proyecto internacional. 🌍Tulum  📆 Mayo 2021

Photoshoot by the American photographer @Joelcarrillet ( for your international project"Body and Spirit". 🌍 Tulum 📆 May 2021

I participated in this photoshoot, to accept my body again, after a double mastectomy due to breast cancer. To be able to look at myself again naked in the mirror. Because what we see in the mirror directly depends on the subjective interpretation of our mind. We can see the most beautiful being on the planet, or a monster, and at that moment in my life, my mind interpreted that image reflected in the mirror as that of a monster.

They have been two very hard years, but also very transformative

A rebirth, a new life, a new me….

The word CANCER, whether we like it or not, for the collective unconscious is synonymous with death, and when you see that death up close it is very hard for you, but above all for your environment

I have felt very grateful throughout the process, for all the people I count on, for all the love received, for all the help... I have been fortunate to have many people helping me in different ways, with different techniques... For all the understanding received regarding my decisions in this period, which I know has not been easy for those around me, due to the fear of losing me, but even so, they have respected and supported me.


Thanks to life, because it has made me stronger and more compassionate than ever.

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