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This concept has always seemed difficult to me. You are supposed to love yourself. I do it? I guess so, what would it be like if not?

But it seems that it is not as easy as we imagine.

That we don't love each other as much as we should.

Here I would like to share some keys that have helped me understand it better.

Through Louise Hay and her famous work "You Can Heal Your Life" I would like to share the conclusions I have come to.

Ways we don't love each other:

-Criticizing us endlessly

-Attracting people who humiliate us

-Mistreating our body with bad habits (food, tobacco, alcohol...)

-Not daring to charge a decent price for our services

-Constantly creating obligations

-Delaying ourselves in doing things that benefit us

-Living in chaos and disorder

-Ignoring or not recognizing our own value

-Believing that there is only disease in our bodyManeras en las que no nos amamos:

Think about which ones you identify with?

If in any way we deny our good, that is an act in which we do not love ourselves.

There are people who are not ready yet, and to say this is not to judge them. We all start to change at the right time, place, and order for us.

"Self-love begins with the willingness to never, ever criticize yourself for anything."

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