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Single Session

Improve your quality of life with the personalized combination of these techniques and many more...



This technique tries to dissolve the blockages produced during your own gestation, to help you develop your maximum potential.

Seijaku_calma mental_1.jpeg

Kundalini Reiki
(On-site or remote)

Reiki maintains that when the energy is blocked, for any reason, it is when an illness occurs. By laying your hands on the blocked area, that 'knot' that prevents energy from flowing dissolves, restoring balance to the body.


Massage in which all the organs and parts of the body are worked through the reflex points of the feet. 


Martha Juliet


Rome Italy

"I tried this Reiki massage in Ibiza and it was amazing.
Thanks see you soon"

Martha Juliet

maria robles.jpg

Mary Robles

Barcelona, Spain

"Totally recommended! The atmosphere is very calm and bright, you feel at home. Reiki Master in two different disciplines, the sessions are great, she also gives you a lot of information about each therapy and solves all the doubts you have!"

Martha Juliet


Lucian Voicu

Bucharest, Romania

"In just 30 minutes the therapy session changed my condition for the better in Sri Lanka.

Esther is an excellent therapist. I have felt this since she touched me.


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