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In recent years, research has found that meditation can reduce stress and anxiety.  

It improves concentration and increases the feeling of calm and relaxation by quieting an overly active mind.

The good news is that anyone can do it, and it's an easy practice to learn.

With practice and perseverance you will notice the benefits.

What  is meditation?

Meditation is a wellness practice that has been shown to reduce stress, improve concentration, and contribute to a variety of physical and mental health benefits.

Meditation originated in Eastern wellness traditions, such as  ayurvedic practices  in India or  traditional medicine therapies  in China and Japan.


What  is mindfulness?

The  mindfulness is one of the forms of  Most Practiced Meditation in the US

Is  the ability to be present, to remain in the here and now,   and pay attention to  what we do in each moment.

How to meditate?


The idea is not to turn off our thoughts or make our minds blank. The idea is to be able to observe them, and return to the present moment. When we pay attention to our breathing, we are learning to return to that present moment and stay in it, to anchor ourselves in the here and now, without judging ourselves.

If you want to meditate for the first time, it can help you  start with one  guided meditation to accompany you  through the process. On the main page of this website, you have some videos.



Pareja meditando en la playa

Research has found that meditation can have many  health benefits. Like:  

  • Better  concentration

  • Improve self-esteem

  • Reduce stress

  • Helps control anxiety or depression

  • Fight against addiction

  • Control pain

Doubts about meditation

In this  interview resolved  doubts that may arise when you start to meditate

Meditation Workshops for Beginners

Curso de meditación

In a simple and personalized way you will improve your abilities to calm your mind.

At your own space, with your own schedules...


If every time you try to meditate, you think it's not for you, these sessions will teach you simple tools  to train your mind.



Comfortable and easy,

from your home and at your own pace,

With this course, you mark your schedules.

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"Beautiful voice, that drives you  through meditation in a harmonious way. Thanks"

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Pepe Yes I know

"Thank you, I feel at peace with myself and my mind was calm. Thank you very much, and your warm voice. It seemed to me that my mother was speaking to me. Thank you, I am your new subscriber. Thank you very much and blessings to your channel. Namaste 🙏👈🤗 🥰😘🥳"

Martha Juliet

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"Fabulous practice to start in meditation, or to relax, even if you already have experience"


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